Inspiring Story of
Dow Gordon

Future Hope's Next Step Program teaches Non-Violent Communication. 

The following film, Words that Liberate demonstrates the power of this practice.

Words that Liberate is a groundbreaking film that takes us through the inspiring story of Dow Gordon, a man who found NVC during his 12 years in prison and went on to become a CNVC Certified Trainer. This powerful film transports us to a prison environment filled with men convicted of acts of violence — who are practicing NVC!

 Winnipegger Steve Bell
Message to Prisoners 2020


Winnipeg singer and songwriter Steve Bell offers a special message to prisoners: 

shares stories about prisoners and
Stony Mountain experience.

 Father Greg Boyle
Working with People on
the Margins of Society


Gregory Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries.

Compassion and Kinship: Fr Gregory Boyle at TEDxConejo 2012

What is addiction? How childhood trauma leads to addiction.


Renowned addiction expert, speaker author Dr. Gabor Maté is sought after for his expertise on trauma, addiction, stress, and childhood development. 

Maté's approach to addiction focuses on trauma suffered and looks to address this in recovery, with special regard to indigenous populations around the world.

Caritas Social Justice Recognition


2019 - Next Step participant testimonial to honour Future Hope's Founder-Leader,
Sr. Carol Peloquin

History of
Next Step Program
at Stony Mountain Institution
Brian Godkin, talks about his journey from prison to becoming Future Hope Director
(English language with French subtitles)

Rencontre avec Brian Godkin qui a fait 9 ans de prison à Stony Mountain-Rockwood au Manitoba. Désormais plus à l'aise avec son histoire, il parle de son parcours. Il est même devenu directeur général de Future Hope, un organisme qui aide à la réinsertion.

Myle's Case Study - Summary

This case begins by telling Myle's story in his words and continues to demonstrate the economic impact and social value Future Hope programs provide to individuals leaving incarceration and reintegrating into community living. It clarifies and monetizes selected aspects of Myle's journey toward rehabilitation.

Myle's Case Study -
Full version

Supporting ex-inmates:
A Multifaith guide for communities

How inmates in canadian prisons suffer 
January 2021

Houses of Hate: How Canada's Prison System is Broken - February 28, 2021


​Justin Ling: Dangerous, racist, and falling apart. By nearly every metric, the nation's penal system is not just failing, it's making things worse.

Quietly Dying Behind Bars - Life in solitary takes a torturous toll

Freepress article written by Ryan Thorpe published April 28, 2021

2018- What Happens at Quixote House?


Peacebuilding and the reintegration into the community of released offenders by Eduardo Enrique Soto Parra

puppies to guns-page-001.jpg


(Still from the Nunavut offenders program, Keeping Canada Safe)

Breaking The Cycle Of Crime

"Most entering the correctional system already face difficult challenges.

A 2015 John Howard study on the Ontario prisoner population revealed that more than 40 percent reported experiencing mental health issues and 70 percent said they had problems with substance use. The isolation of prison can exacerbate these struggles, a Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) report says. As CSC is the sole healthcare provider for all offenders, their choices are limited. A U.S. Justice Department document states that rehabilitation and treatment programs have an effect on recidivism, ranging from 10 to 20 per cent."

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Media / Reports
La Liberté - Nov 2021

CTV Morning News - May 2021

Nellie McClung Foundation 
Manitoba - 2021


150 Women Trailblazers,
Sister Carol Peloquin


Sister Carol Peloquin and Future Hope Ministry Honoured  - 2019


​On Thursday evening, April 11, 2019, the Catholic Foundation of Manitoba recognized Sister Carol Peloquin for her work as a chaplain in the penitentiary system for seven years followed by many years providing outreach to ex‐offenders through the Next Step Peer Support Program.​

Office of the Correctional Investigator of Canada


2020-2021 Annual Report

Our very own Bo Gajda, board member, gives a presentation on Restorative justice, and the implications of post-release support for incarcerated individuals.


Presentation by Bo Gajda

The Long Shadow of
Childhood Trauma


A new study suggests that stress experienced early in life damages the ability to assess risk, creating young adults with poor decision-making skills.