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Enjoying Christmas at Quixote 
and the spirit of fellowship

Xmasquixote2022 (3).png

“Each gift card was so perfect and individual for each of us.”

“The hoodies are so awesome and comfortable.”

“The stockings are great…so many useful and awesome items.”

“I guess you guys are my family now.

“Merry Christmas to you all.”

“There is so much joy in this room”

“Thank you for the kindness.”

“I have never experienced gifts like this ever.”

“I sure love the chocolates and the candy.”

“I had so much fun decorating the tree”

“This sure brought us all together in a joyful and brotherly community.”

''The meat pies were sure tasty!''

Greetings for the Christmas Season and a Welcome to Winter


I can still see the green grass on my front lawn, so I am not convinced Christmas is coming, however the flip of the calendar over to December tells me differently.


At Future Hope, Christmas is in the air in many ways.


We have a turkey Christmas dinner planned for Saturday December 23rd, where the men from Quixote House Furby and Aulneau as well as Massie apartments, and many from the community and halfway houses will gather in community to eat together. Hosted by Scott with a menu like no other, the laughter and joy and full bellies will be the theme of the evening.


At Next Step we host a Christmas Gathering which takes place this year December 13th with a dinner and some sharing of food, some music and fellowship. This is an opportunity to gather as our current community, and we look forward to seeing Board members, volunteers, and alumni at this event.


Christmas is not always joy and laughter and for many leaving incarceration it can be a challenging and difficult time. Families, relationships, financial issues, reintegration, and addiction worries may cause increased feelings of being overwhelmed at seemingly the happiest time of the year. We balance the challenges and the joy with a commitment to support and be there for the men we work with. Scott and I, and the incredibly loyal volunteers, will look for the care and compassion that is often needed during the holiday seasons.


We appreciate the ongoing support of our Church communities and especially in the past couple of months acknowledgment the generosity of St. Joseph’s Parish as well as Holy Family Parish. We cannot do our work without your support, and we thank you for the trust.


We have been active in group, have full homes, have been attending many community activities, and have watched a couple of our members return to school, some graduate, many become employed, and a few reach their completion of being in the parole system. We also have supported some with difficulties that require a short return to Stony Mountain, but we maintain our care and support by continuing to visit and to assist with a new release plan for the future.


Thank you to the men we support as it is an honour to journey with you in the community and to the volunteers who give so generously of their time either in group or at a Board level.


Merry Christmas

Kim and Scott

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