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Please Donate Today!
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Please invest in


Your contribution is so important to us – it makes a difference in each of our program participants’ lives. It also helps make our communities safer and stronger.

On average, Future Hope’s costs are less than $17,000 per participant per year, a modest amount compared to the cost of incarceration, $120,500* per inmate per year, *2018-2019 Office of the Correctional Investigator Annual Report.

Future Hope makes your donation experience easy. See 5 options below - no transaction fees involved:
1) by credit card, 2) e-transfer, 3) direct deposit,

4) mail and 5) gifting securities. 


Thank you for donating today! 


Donation platform by:

100% FREE for not-for-profits, Canada

Please consider donating by credit card through Zeffy. We use this only Canadian fundraising platform for nonprofits that is 100% free. With Zeffy, Future Hope receives every dollar you pledge. 

Please NOTE A contribution to support ZEFFY will be suggested at the confirmation step. If you do NOT WANT to support them, make sure you click on the drop down menu and choose Other.  Insert 0.00 in the space provided below the drop down menu.

You can select, if you wish, to dedicate your donation in memory of, in honor of, as a one-time gift or monthly donation. 


You can also choose your program of choice: General, Next Step, Quixote House, or Massie House.

Thank you for joining our Community of Hope – supporting Future Hope helps individuals transition and reintegrate into the community successfully.

Donate by Securities

Donating Securities is another option to support Future Hope.


By donating securities, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as opposed to selling them and then donating the proceeds: you eliminate capital gains, a larger amount is given to Future Hope and you get a greater charitable tax credit.

For more information, please contact Future Hope's Executive Director at

Complete the online form below, and send to

Donate by

We can accept e-Transfers directly from you!

Set up Future Hope as a payee using the email:

Choose a one-time or monthly payment.

Receipts will be issued for $3 and over.

For the security question answer, please use the code FHdonate.


Send us an email with your name, phone number in case we need to reach you, the amount you are transferring, and any additional instructions per your donation.

In your email to:, please add your full name and complete address with postal code. We will send you a tax receipt for the full amount of your eligible e-transfer.


If you would like to receive our newsletter and email communications, please add this request in your email.


Thank you for joining our community of Hope!

Donate by 
Direct Deposit

If you prefer to support Future Hope with a monthly pledge by using direct deposit, please fill out the authorization form by clicking the button below.


Please send this form by email to: 


or send by mail to:

Future Hope Inc.

Attention:  Future Hope Controller

290 Furby Street

Winnipeg, MB. R3C 2A9

Future Hope will withdraw the authorized amount, directly and securely, from your bank account. For monthly donations, Future Hope sends one tax receipt per calendar year. 

You can alter or cancel your monthly contribution at any time by contacting

If you would like to receive our newsletter and email communications from Future Hope, please add this request in your email message or when sending in the form.

Thank you for joining our community of Hope!

by Mail

To make a tax-deductible donation by mail please make your cheques payable to Future Hope Inc.

Please mail your donation to:

Future Hope Inc.

Attention:  Future Hope Director

290 Furby Street Winnipeg, MB 

R3C 2A9

Thank you for joining our community of Hope!

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