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Celebrating the legacy of our leaders

20 years of Compassion & Support for those in need.
Both of  our founding leaders and champions strived to make every aspect of

Future Hope and its programs nondenominational, accepting everyone 
no matter their origin, colour, race, spiritual belief or religion,
geographical origin or level of education.

   Heather Grant-Jury was a lifelong Winnipegger who contributed countless hours giving back to the community she called home. Heather’s deep sense of community made a difference through fundraising and volunteering initiatives with Future Hope for many years. Her passion for helping people and giving hope to those who need it led her to join Future Hope; her tenacity and dedication to our Mission were qualities that led to the direct improvement of our participants and other volunteers. We shall always remember her kind efforts, powerful spirit, and courage to act for the betterment of all persons. 

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