Volunteer Testimonials


Here are a few stories from our devoted volunteers ... if you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer take a look at our volunteer positions or complete our volunteer form. Volunteering is very satisfying and helps others, share your compassion with our Community of Hope!

Kim's Perspective

After I graduated High school, I decided to go to University to take a Justice and Law degree with the intention to working in perhaps corrections or the parole system.  That didn’t happen as I began a job working with people with disabilities and 30 years later, that is still my career. READ MORE ...

Learning with

I began volunteering with Future Hope's Next Step program a couple of years ago. Originally, I began as a speaker on subjects like Financial Literacy, Employment, and Communications.  After returning a number of times and getting to know the great guys whom Future Hope is helping, READ MORE ...

Eva - I will never stop doing what I do

I have been a volunteer with the Next Step Program for 16 years.  I found out about Future Hope when a dear friend participated in a crime and ended up in prison. After he died at the St. Boniface Hospital with two police officers by his side, I knew I had to do something to help others.  READ MORE ...