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Our Impact


Rebuilding Lives
For Safer Communities

At first I thought Future Hope was just
a place to live,

but I came to learn it’s really a way to live.

The benefits of investing in Future Hope are proven: each program participant has a much lower risk of reoffending, 13.8% compared to the federal institutional recidivism rate of 35%. But he is not the only beneficiary. The costs of crime go well beyond the taxes we pay to support our prisons, courts and police forces. It also includes monies spent to cover stolen and damaged property, added security, residential and business losses and above all, the pain and suffering of its victims. In fact, according to a Fraser Institute study, crime cost Canadians $85.2 billion in 2009 (The Cost of Crime in Canada: 2014 Report), or more than $2,500 per citizen. For each man Future Hope helps, this cost to taxpayers is not only reduced, but helps keep our communities safer places to live.

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