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Testimonial by Kyle

Testimonial by Len

I would like to start off by saying that I love living at Quixote House.  It is a cool and a really nice place to live.  There are so many nice people here, it’s a good environment and the guys I live with like to joke around with me.  We get along well, and I have a good sense of humour. 

I was a regular kid, growing up in Winnipeg my whole life.  I lived with my mom and my stepdad, and I would spend time hanging out with friends and playing basketball when I wasn’t in school.  I used to attend the Boys and Girls Club and I liked it because of the sports and the snacks! I got into a bit of trouble as a teenager and young adult but nothing too major.  I graduated grade 12 and things were really going well for me until drinking became an issue for me in my life.

I grew up where alcohol was drank often and most people in my family were drinking and so I did too.  It sometimes got me into some difficulties with fights, not very good peers and I eventually ended up going to jail.

At first, I was in the Remand Centre, and it was very scary, and I had trouble fitting in but I met up with a friend I knew from when I was younger, so I felt a bit better. 


When I went to Stony Mountain it was even more scary; I was angry, out of control, it was hard to sleep and very scary.  I was thankful when I went to the minimum.  In Stony I did a lot of work on myself with classes about my emotions, how I feel, expressing myself and I was able to feel better about myself.  I have not had a drink for 5 years. 

When I moved into Quixote House I was introduced to Next Step and there are many good people in group.  There are volunteers and we learn something new each week.  We learn a lot and share what our week looks like.  It is a supportive group.  I look forward to my future where I will not be thinking about drinking or parties but instead, I will continue working, I will be there for my daughter and enjoy life.  I like to watch TV, rest, go for walks, enjoy fresh air but most importantly to spend time with my daughter. 


Christmas is a time for me to look forward to because I will be able to spend time with my family!

Thank you for all your support.


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When I think about my childhood it is tough to think about as there were some good times but lots of difficult times.  I grew up in Shamattawa and then about age 10 my younger brother, and I were sent to several different foster homes and group homes on quite a few different reserves and different cities and towns.  We were 6 kids and there was a lot of drinking in our family growing up and I remember a family house fire that was very upsetting. 

At age 14 I started getting into trouble doing things like break and enters and fights with others.  I was angry all the time and I ended up at the Manitoba Youth Centre a few times as well as the Agassiz Youth Centre. 

I continued to drink and through my early adult life, I was in and out of jail, in the Pas and in Headingly. I went to jail this last time after being arrested in 2015 and it was a very difficult time for me. 

This time I really focussed on learning to control my anger, to take time out, and to think about things and how I was reacting.  I took anger management classes, and I began to feel myself acting and being a better person.  I became calmer and more peaceful. 

I was introduced to Next Step while living at a halfway house and began attending group.  I am a quiet person, but I love to listen.  We do lots of sharing, personal growth, and learning about communication.  I am a man of few words but when people say that about me, I take it as a compliment as I enjoy listening and learning form the other group members.  I particularly enjoyed a recent night at group where we discussed boundaries. 

I recently moved into Quixote house, and it is peaceful.   People do their own thing; we are respectful of each other and care about our boundaries.  I feel calm when before I would feel anxious.  The guys I live with are very nice guys.


In the future, I will continue working at my job, and I am rebuilding my relationship with my kids.  My partner and I would like to live in a place together.  I enjoy watching TV, playing cards and sometimes working out. 


I am so thankful for Next Step and Quixote House. I have great supports and I am thankful to be sitting here talking with you all.  I am not in jail and I have people in my life to talk to.  My friends and my family.  Christmas will be fun because I love the food we will be eating and will spend some time with my partner. 

Thank you for all your support,


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