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Newsletter - Winter 2021


Advent greetings to you!

This time of year calls us to pause and reflect back on the journey we have been on. Future Hope has much to ponder after such full twelve months. From the grief of losing two beloved friends and saying farewell to Sr. Peter who went back to her hometown in Saskatchewan, to the joy of our book launch, new website, and testimonial videos, plus now Quixote House is almost completely full, it’s been a year bursting with transition!

Throughout this time of transition, Next Step has been rolling with the changes. We have 8 members who are coming regularly. We have just found a larger space so we can start meeting again. We will continue to Zoom in those that are unable to physically attend. Also, it is usually now that we start gearing up for our family Christmas gathering. Although that will not be occurring again this year, we are aiming for a small socially distanced Christmas party within group. We miss the men from the prison and it’s hard to believe that it has been 22 months since they have come on passes from Stony Mountain. Continued from Newsletter ... But we have just got word that we are able to go out to the prison along with other volunteers and meet with the men in person! We are thrilled that this is happening, especially at this special time of year! To add to this incredible news, we have welcomed back Willie Buck after having gone back to prison for 8 years. He tells us he is very excited to be back in group again.


And yes, Quixote House is now almost completely full for the first time in years! You will be meeting Kyle and Len, our newest residents in this bulletin and one more in our next newsletter. Erv has moved in too and is now living closer to his workplace. All these men are a joy to have at the house! We also welcomed Bart back. After going back to prison for a time, he has returned to group and the house. Grant and Ice, who moved in last spring, graduated from group but are still living with us. With them, Frank and Fr. John has been there to greet the new residents and help them transition to life at Quixote House.


And yet some more news. At the end of December, I am stepping down from my role as Next Step Coordinator. It is hard to find the words to express how grateful I am to Sr. Carol for trusting me with this ministry for the last 10 years. The struggles, successes, tears, and laughs we’ve had in group have made it a very rewarding time for me. It has been a real privilege to work with the guys and volunteers to make life back in the community a little more hospitable. Needless to say, it is with mixed feelings that I’ve made this decision and may return as a volunteer as Sr. Carol did. But what makes this decision much easier is that Kim McIntyre Leighton, a longtime friend, and volunteer of Next Step, has accepted the position. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise having worked over 30 years in a non-profit organization. But most importantly, she brings much kindness, warmth, and a heart of gold. Here are a couple of words from Kim:

I have loved being a volunteer with Next Step for the past 12 years. It has been one of the highlights of my week as we gather to learn and share as a group. I am forever grateful to Sr. Carol and Kathleen with whom I have worked and learned over the years. I am thrilled to take on this new responsibility and an honour to assist fellows as they transition into the community!

Finally, we have many generous supporters to thank:

St. Paul the Apostle Parish, St. Joseph Church, Holy Family Parish, and Paroisse St. Joachim for donations in the months of September, October, November, and December. Your donations have made it possible to make the Christmas season a little warmer and brighter for our members. Thank you for your compassion and your generosity!


On behalf of Kim, Next Step members and our program volunteers, and the Future Hope team, we wish you and yours a safe and wonderful Christmas!

All the best,

Kathleen and Kim

Help us make Christmas a special one for our participants who have not spent Xmas out of prison for many years 


A Happy Holiday Season to all
from the Future Hope Team!

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2021-11 stlabre200 donation.jpeg

Sincere thank you to
St. Labre 200 Inc. and their generous donation of $2,000 to Future Hope Inc.  

Giving back to the community
is what they do best :-)

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