In Honour of Our Founders

Message from Michael Calligiuri

Chairperson, Future Hope Board of Directors


With sadness, yet proud memories, with grief, yet acceptance, with pain, yet enduring hope, we at Future Hope regret to announce the passing of our founders Sr. Carol Peloquin and

Fr. David Creamer within a month of each other this year



Both were giants in terms of dedication and vision, knowing from the start that the day would eventually come when their work on this earth would come to an end. As such, both ensured that all they strove to do for those individuals in need within and outside the prison system would not fall away.


Through their efforts, we exist. Through their memory and enduring commitment to the principles of social justice, Future Hope carries forward the great work. As an organization, we offer our deepest condolences to their families and friends.


As people who worked, laughed and shared together, we take solace in our remembrances and promise to do our very best to live up to their ongoing mission.


On behalf of the board, volunteers, employees, clients, friends, donors, and all persons of goodwill, we offer farewells and eternal peace to our founders. Rest in peace.