Every Child Matters

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In the name of each of our Board members, staff, volunteers and participants, we join, in love, compassion and grief all the Indigenous families and communities impacted by the harm caused and the consequences of residential schools in Canada. Our collective sadness at this discovery of burial of 215 children must move us all to action.  Because... still today...within our families, within our communities, our Indigenous brothers and sisters are subject to numerous acts of intolerance, violence, racism, family trauma caused by the removal of children from their families and communities, and system barriers and prejudices which lead to inequity.


The work of reconciliation must be done by non-Indigenous people:
me... you.... us.


Future Hope will continue to honor Sr Carol and Fr Dave’s fundamental principle of welcoming all, no matter their race, culture, religion or spiritual practice. We commit to continue building culturally safe and respectful programs as well as spaces within our transitional housing units that ensure the acceptance and wellbeing of all our participants including Indigenous participants.