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Our elves are busy creating a special and beautiful Xmas for  Quixote / Massie house residents.  If you can afford it at this time, please help us by donating to our

<Making Xmas Special> campaign.

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Thank you for your kind contribution!


St-Labre 200 Inc. is so unique  and original, they say it’s the only event of its kind in Canada!

The St-Labre 200 Inc. requires teams to build their own go-karts within 24 hours. Using supplied materials, teams build go-karts from scratch on the first day and race them the next day in a fast-paced, nail-biting 200 lap race on a quarter-mile dirt track. Every year, depending on the funds they raise, they distribute donations to organizations that directly help people. This year, Future Hope and five other community organizations received cheques from St-Labre 200’s Giving Back to the Community Campaign.



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From left to right in photo:  Brian Godkin, Quixote House/Massie House Manager
and Huguette Vallée, St-Labre 200 Board member

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GivingTuesday Nov 30-2021 - Complete

Be a part of this amazing movement ... GivingTuesday unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world. From global to national to provincial to municipal to Future Hope!


Our charitable organization has been built with small dollars to help us do big work with incarcerated and released individuals. Your contribution helps us with our programming, giving support to more men and engaging the community in removing barriers to reintegration.

Want to be part of our Community of Hope? Your support makes all the difference!


Thank you for your generosity -

Bell MTS Volunteers and

the Bell Giving Program!  

The Bell Giving program issued a cheque recognizing  Heather Grant-Jury for her volunteer hours making red heart pillows for patients of St. Boniface Hospital - Cardiac Sciences Center. 

Heather is a volunteer Director on the Board of Future Hope and requested that the gift be given to our organization. Giving a shout out to Heather and Jo-Anne for their contribution to Future Hope and all the good they do in the community!

Our Community of Hope salutes you! What a beautiful difference you make!



From left to right in photo:
Heather Grant-Jury, Bell MTS volunteer & Future Hope Board member;

Jo-Anne Pelzer, Bell MTS Volunteer Group Leader, and
Pauline Hince,
Capacity Building Manager at Future Hope.

Celebrating 20 years of Future Hope successful reintegration programs! 


– 75 short biographies from past participants… real and heartfelt testimonials of their journeys from prison to community.


TO OBTAIN A COPY, for a minimum amount of $20 donation and a tax receipt, click here.